Feasibility Services

Feasibility Services in Dubai

Whether you are thinking of starting a new venture or expanding your existing business operations, a feasibility study can assist you in identifying the strengths and focal points in your project. Lynchpin Consulting has deep expertise when it comes to undertake a financial feasibility assignment. Our expert consultants sit with you and get understanding of your project. There onward we start preparing the assumptions, the financial model and the required outcome of your business plan.

Team Lynchpin gives you various possible outcomes of your project feasibility study depending on the different methods we use to arrive at the conclusion. Few of finance methods we use to make our analysis include:

  • Payback period & Discounted Payback period method
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Business Plan

A well crafted business plan awaits you when you hire us to make your business financial feasibility.

Investor Presentation

Making an investor presentation? We can link a well designed investor presentation with your business plan.

Our Feasibility Services┬áInclude…

  • A detailed financial model backed by MS Excel schedules. We prepare all feasibility studies with scenario analysis to give you a picture of “what-if” situations.
  • Whether you are starting in Dubai or any other city of UAE, we start feasibility project with market research and develop the financial mode with solid fundamentals.
For Management Use

Our feasibility study services in Dubai, helps you have great management insight on future of you business. With summary graphs, charts and a dashboard, all KPIs are at one place.

For Bank Finance

We can develop the feasibility study for specific bank needs. You can get new bank loan based on your feasibility study or get a renewal of credit facilities with ease.

Who Choose Us?

We convert you idea into a business plan…

Our team of consultants have diverse industry experience. We listen to your ideas and convert them into meaning business plan backed by numbers. No matter where you are starting business in Dubai or any other part of UAE, our feasibility study services can assist you in making a sound business plan.