VAT Impact Assessment

VAT Impact Assessment

If you are doing business in GCC, Value Added Tax (VAT) will impact almost all of your business transactions as and when it will be implemented. In UAE from 1st January 2018, VAT will be implemented. This means that there could be potentially a large VAT impact on your business.

The VAT Impact Assessment Services provided by Lynchpin Consulting includes assessment of VAT impact on all your business transactions’ touch-points. This will include VAT Impact Assessment on the following areas:

  • VAT Impact on Sales Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Purchase Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Imports
  • VAT Impact on Exports
  • VAT Impact on Real Estate Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Capital Assets
  • VAT Impact on partially exempt business activities
  • VAT impact on your long term contracts

The VAT impact assessment services not only provide you a potential financial VAT impact on your business but also a road-map to efficient and effective VAT implementation.

This would also provide an opportunity for your staff to get trained on key VAT Impact areas. We have trained over 400 professionals who are now able to independently handle VAT operations for their businesses.

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VAT Consulting in UAE

Expert advice on managing VAT related business compliance, filing VAT return and much more…

VAT Compliant Accounting Software

Get all your VAT accounting automated. We will implement UAE VAT compliant accounting software for you.

VAT Training

Get your staff trained for VAT in UAE. You can get VAT training in UAE. Click here to know more.

Our VAT in UAE Services Include…

  • VAT Compliance obligations of your business for both local and cross-border operations. Our team will analyse requirements stemming from the UAE and GCC legislation and advice on required actions and procedures in order to ensure compliance.
  • Design and implement strategy based on nature of operations in order to establish an effective VAT structure.
VAT Accounting Services

Lynchpin can take care of all your VAT related accounting services. Compiling both input and output VAT records and generating VAT reconciliation and VAT return filing; you can outsource it all.

VAT Reporting

Get all your VAT reporting with correctly recorded VAT obligation/refund status. You can be sure that nothing gets omitted from your VAT return; which means no VAT penalty.

Who Choose Us?

We know VAT Compliance is not easy…

VAT would be implemented in UAE for the first time. Compliance with VAT is not an easy phenomenon. We at Lynchpin Consulting, can help your business to comply with UAE VAT in most efficient manner.

First time VAT adoption can be a cumbersome process. Team Lynchpin can make it a smooth transition for your business to get VAT compliant in UAE